Business Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

Your marketing strategies as well as time and money management can make or break your business… especially if you’re running a one-person business. But, did you know that these factors can also determine how quickly or slowly you succeed? Whether your business is going to succeed or fail — whether your success comes quickly or slowly — depends a lot on the strategies that you’re using to manage your marketing, your time and money.

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You’re bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information. It can be confusing and difficult to figure out which strategies will help your business the most. Take into consideration your busy schedule and budget challenges when you choose marketing techniques that can boost your sales and profits. Focus on marketing techniques that can maximize your results while minimizing your cost, time, and effort.

It’s probably tempting to use every marketing strategy that your competitors are using, but that can actually hurt your business. When you have too much to do… when you feel too overwhelmed, you won’t be able to do your marketing consistently.  And consistency is critical for any marketing strategy to be effective.

Did you know that some marketers make up to 6-7 figures a month using one marketing technique? Yes, some marketers just use a single marketing strategy! So, keep things simple. You can work less and make more.

As a busy entrepreneur, it’s better to just focus on the top 20% of strategies that can give you up to 80% of your desired results. Just focus on marketing essentials — choose one single marketing technique or a small marketing mix of tactics that can deliver the bulk of your results. Marketing essentials are techniques that can make the best use of your skills and those that are consistent with your values.

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Business Marketing Strategies

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