The Cheapest and Fastest Way to Start Your Own Business: Use the 3-Step Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side

If you’re looking for the cheapest and fastest way to start your own business from home… in your spare time… with very little money or even ZERO cash, keep reading.

Choose which options you want to become self-employed and make money on the side starting today. Yes! You can be your own boss in less than 24 hours.

The Cheapest and Fastest Way to Start Your Own Business: Use the 3-Step Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side

I will share with you the same EXACT strategies I used to start a small business online to boost my income working from home in my spare time.

I created a 90-page guide that can help you do the same thing I did… much faster and easier. You can avoid making the mistakes I made… which can slow you down and stop your progress.

By using the “Fast Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side,” you can overcome the common barriers that keep most aspiring entrepreneurs from getting started.

Instead, you can start your own business quickly. By using the quick-start guide, you can focus on the FASTEST path to increasing your income.

You have multiple options to be your own boss and make a living doing work you love…

No matter which option you choose to do, the payoff can be huge.

You can become self-employed today… and turn your passions, talents, interests, skills and assets into profits.

What does “self-employed” mean?


A self-employed individual is someone who owns a business. If you make a living working for yourself and not as an employee of someone else — if you carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor or if you’re an independent contractor — you’re considered self-employed.


By becoming self-employed and starting a business from home, you can have a big profit potential but small financial risk.


Some of the biggest companies in America had humble beginnings as a small business in their founder’s garages, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Mattel, Disney and Harley Davidson. These small startups have grown into huge multi-billion-dollar companies.

When you’re just starting out, you can keep your regular job until you’re satisfied with the income you’re earning from your business. When you’re consistently generating sustainable income to support yourself and your family, you can decide that it’s time to quit your 9-to-5 job.

When your business takes off, you can grow as big and as fast as you want. You can stay small as a one-person business or you can scale your team as you scale and grow your business.

6 Common Barriers That Keep Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Starting a Business… and What You Can Do About Them

Millions of aspiring entrepreneurs dream about starting a business, but most never really get their business ideas off the ground.

There are 6 common barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. No idea? No problem. The quick-start guide covers 96+ of the most proven money-makers online and offline. You have many options for making money to choose from; so, you can overcome this common barrier quickly and easily.
  2. No customers? No problem. The quick-start guide is focused on top money-making platforms that already have a massive audience of buyers looking for products or services to get. All you need to do is sign-up; so, your customers can find what you have to offer and you can start getting paid.
  3. No money? No problem. Almost all the income strategies are 100% free to sign-up.
  4. No time? No problem. You can work whenever you want… as much or as little as you want. You can pause your business anytime you want to take a break or go on vacation.
  5. No experience? No problem. You can learn by doing. You can earn while you learn.
  6. No college degree? No problem. Your willingness to learn will have the most impact on your income.

Not having an idea, experience, time, money, customer base or college degree is not the real roadblock to earning what you deserve.

According to research by Steve Siebold (who spent three decades studying over 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people), most world-class performers have little formal education; they amassed their wealth through the acquisition and application of specific knowledge.


Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. Decide today to become a lifelong student and take control of your own self-education.

~ Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think.”

What’s the #1 Biggest Roadblock That Keeps Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Starting a Business and Making Money On the Side?

The #1 biggest roadblock for aspiring entrepreneurs is dealing with the sea of infinite possibilities. This can get overwhelming and often gets in the way of taking any action.

What appears to be an embarrassment of riches for aspiring entrepreneurs… ends up being “weapons of mass distractions” and keep them from getting their business ideas off the ground.

Instead of taking advantage of all the money-making opportunities available to them, they get stuck in analysis paralysis… and they NEVER get started.

There’s only one way to overcome this roadblock: Choose one of the money-making options and start your business today.

You can skip months or years of dreaming about starting your own business someday. Instead, you can take steps to start accomplishing your dreams.

Nothing will happen until you implement your entrepreneurial ideas.

Taking action is the only way to learn what’s right for you. It’s the only way to learn what works and what doesn’t work. It’s the only way to find the business that’s going to be the most profitable and also the most enjoyable for you.

How do you deal with the overwhelming options for making money available out there?

The quick-start guide to the most proven strategies for making money online and offline solves that problem for you. It makes it quick and easy for you to choose which money-making option(s) can work best for you.

You can just go directly to the money-making platforms where your customers are looking for something to buy and you can sign-up for free. This makes is easy for your customers to find you and buy what you have to offer.

The guide has five modules organized to make it easy for you to find money-makers based on your what you love to do and what you have to offer. It’s like having an “easy button” for finding income strategies based on your passions, talents, skills, interests and assets.

3 Simple Steps to Go From An Aspiring Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Making A Living Doing What You Love

Before you choose which money-maker(s) you want to start, make a list of your passions, talents, skills and interests. You can create a business based on what you enjoy doing… you can test it out to see what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s crucial that you combine your money-making ideas with your passions, talents, skills and interests. You need to choose a market that’s willing to pay for what you are passionate about and what you enjoy doing.

If you’re just focused on pursuing your passion and interest — without considering profitability — that choice will eventually kill your business. It will also be hard for you to continue your business if you’re not making any money.

If you start a business just focused on making money — without considering your passion and interests — you will eventually be miserable. It will be hard for you to get motivated to do any work.

What’s the best strategy for starting and building a profitable business doing work you love?

To boost your chances of building a profitable business doing work that you love, you need to consider your passions, talents, skills and interests as well as potential for profitability before choosing a new business to start.

Which Way Do You Want to Make Money? In 3 Simple Steps, You Can Get Started Choosing and Testing the Money-Making Options You Like

Step 1: Choose which money-maker you like (based on the information provided for you in the quick-start guide about each company and how you can get paid) and you’re good to go. Just click the link to “Get Started Now” — signing-up is 100% free.

Step 2: Get started making money. Try multiple strategies for making money to figure out what you enjoy doing and which companies pay you well.

Step 3: Did you enjoy doing some money-making strategies and were you satisfied with what you earned? Repeat strategies that you liked again and again to earn more.

Why You Need to Focus on the Fastest Path to Fast Cash When You’re Just Starting Out

In my experience, most new entrepreneurs need to start earning quickly or they get discouraged and give up.

To avoid getting discouraged, it’s extremely important for you to focus on the few simple steps that will get you going and earning actual SPENDABLE money as quickly as possible. You need to focus on the FASTEST path to fast cash.

Having money deposited in your bank account or PayPal will make your self-employment real for you… not just another daydream.

Making spendable income will motivate you to keep moving forward and scaling your efforts to earn even more.

Have you ever been envious of entrepreneurs who work on their own terms as their own boss?

This is your chance to stop being envious of other entrepreneurs making a living doing what they love. You, too, can become happily self-employed.

How would your life change if you could finally make a living working from home?

This is your chance to find out…

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To get started, just hit the “Add to Cart” button below…

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How Would Your Life Change If You Could Make a Living Working From Home?

Simple Ways to Replace 100% of Your 9-to-5 Income While Working From Home Doing What You Love

Imagine it’s Monday morning…

You look at your clock — it’s 9:30 am. No worries! It’s not like you have to get up ridiculously early because you need to be on time for work.

Happiness is… not having to set the alarm clock for the next day. It’s the best way to get enough sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

You look out the window. The sky is clear blue. It’s going to be another great day!

You have time to enjoy a long, leisurely breakfast… again. After eating, you decide to linger over a cup of coffee while checking your social media status updates.

You notice a post on Facebook from a friend complaining about his hellish morning commute. It took him more than an hour to get to work! To make matters worse, he had to put up with nasty comments from his boss because he was 15 minutes late. He was really stressed out from the rush hour traffic… and now, he’s fuming about being disrespected at work.

You’ve been there… and you totally understand his frustration.

You will never forget how hard it was! The alarm going off…. Rushing to work no matter how tired and sleepy you are…. The stress and drudgery of the morning commute….

This is the life for millions of people around the world… stuck in the 9-to-5 grind.

That used to be your life, too…

But, now you work at home — and you’re the boss.

  • You can start work whenever you want. There’s no clock to punch.
  • You can wear whatever you want. There’s no dress code to follow. You can work in your pajamas, shorts, sweats or whatever is comfortable for you.
  • You can work wherever you want; you can go to a park or café for a change of scenery anytime you want.
  • You can take a break and spend time with your family or friends anytime you want.
  • You can go out for an afternoon on the beach… whenever you feel like it.
  • You can take some time off whenever you want (for as long as you want).

No one deserves to get stuck in a job they hate. Life is too short.

  • No more stress from your morning and evening commute. No more time wasted trapped between cars during rush hour traffic.
  • No more controlling bosses monitoring how long you’ve been away from your desk.

Working from home allows you to have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your day. You have control of your day. You are in charge of your own life.

Finally, no more Sunday night blues for you… because now you love Mondays.

You, too, can escape the 9-to-5 grind.

You can take baby steps when you’re just starting out. You can start making extra money in your spare time… even if you have a full-time job.

Imagine how it would feel if you made an extra $1,000 a month…

What would you do with your money?

  • Pay off your credit cards or student loans?
  • Move your family to a better and safer neighborhood?
  • Boost your savings and emergency fund?
  • Drive a newer and nicer car?
  • Travel to exotic destinations?

Making more money can lead to more opportunities for you. It can end your money worries. It can help you and your loved ones live a better life.

But, how do you get started?

This is what “FAST Money Makers” is all about.

This quick-start guide offers 96+ legitimate ways to earn extra income and recurring income streams. You can work from home full-time, part-time or in your spare time.

Before Making Money From Home, I was Desperate to Have More Time to Help My Family Dealing With Health Problems

This is my story…

I started working from home to make extra money a few years ago. I enjoyed my well-paying job as a Registered Nurse Case Manager, but I needed a more flexible work schedule. I was desperate to have more time to help my family dealing with catastrophic health problems.

By generating income working online, I was able to have the flexibility to travel often to see my beloved brother in Southern California; he was hospitalized due to a brain injury and he responded primarily to my voice. It also allowed me to care for my mom when her health deteriorated after being diagnosed with breast cancer; she finally moved in with me in Northern California in 2010.

My work-from-home extra income allowed me to take frequent time off from work without having to worry about financial issues.

At first, I only worked online from time-to-time. Every time my brother and/or my mom were dealing with some health crisis, I took many weeks or months off from working online.

My online income was small when I started out (less than $50 – $100 monthly) and not reliable. However, I started to earn more from blogging, writing articles and affiliate marketing in 2010 (these strategies are covered in the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide).

When I started making $500 monthly working at home, I used the extra income to get an extra day off from my day job.

I always looked forward to 3-day week-end holidays; so, I took my first extra day off on Fridays. It was such a great feeling to have 3-day week-ends all the time. It allowed me to have more time to help my family as well as have some time for self-care and stress relief.

In the early phase of my self-employment, I used every additional income I earned online to get more time off from my day job. Since 2010, I’ve been able to work less and less in my day job; I often worked 2-3 days a week or less and I also took a couple of weeks off almost every month. I was earning about $3,000 to $6,500+ monthly extra income working online from home.

The extra income I earned online gave me the confidence to give up my case management position; so, I no longer had the responsibility of managing a caseload of patients. Instead, I saw patients for other case managers when I was available to work. This change in my position gave me the flexibility to take as many days off as I needed to help my family.

I’m truly grateful for what I’ve been able to accomplish as an online entrepreneur and the flexibility it offered me — it allowed me to spend more precious time with people that mattered most to me.

Sadly, my loving mom passed away in February 2012. A couple of weeks after her passing, my beloved bother passed away in March 2012. Although I did not know it when I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was giving my last gifts to my loved ones.

And there were other gifts…

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my experience working online from home helped me develop valuable skills and knowledge that can be useful for other entrepreneurs, too. The extra income I earned online also provided the seed capital I needed for building a profitable business.

These days, I am scaling my passive residual income online by creating my own products (including this “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide). I’ve also been working on a series of online courses that can help other entrepreneurs boost their income online faster.

The progress of my course creation has been slower than what I prefer. Why? Once again, I am helping another family member dealing with health issues.

In November 2016, my other brother almost died from kidney failure and heart failure. He was able to recover, but he’s now on dialysis. At this time, he lives with me and needs my help due to his health challenges and frequent hospitalizations as well as visits to the Emergency Room, his doctors and dialysis nurse.

Making money online working at home allows me to have the flexibility to work whenever I want and take time off whenever I need. Since March 2017, I have been on a leave of absence combined with months of time off from my day job. Moving forward, I will focus my time on my online work helping other entrepreneurs boost their income, too.

What About You? How Would You Benefit From Generating Income Working From Home?

What you end up doing with your work-from-home income depends on what matters most to you.

If you’re a mom or dad, making a living working from home can offer you greater flexibility to spend more time with your family. You can have better work-life balance.

If you’re caring for loved ones dealing with health issues (as I have been doing for many years), working from home allows you to have a flexible schedule. It’s hard for most family caregivers to have a traditional job because of the challenges of caregiving; most end up losing their job due to frequent time off or absences from work.

If you have a flexible work-from-home job, you can work whenever you want and take time off whenever you need.

So, ask yourself…

How unhappy are you with your current level of income from your job and your working situation?

Working online to make extra money or earn recurring income streams in the comfort of your own home may be right for you.

Make More Money From FAST Money Makers: 96+ Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money Online and Offline

Boosting Your Income Working From Home Can Improve Your Life and Your Financial Security

Top 5 reasons why people want to earn extra and repeatable income working from home:

  1. Pay off debt or student loans
  2. Get seed capital to start and build a big business
  3. Earn extra income to support their families
  4. Make a living working in the comfort of their own home
  5. Boost retirement income and savings

Having a job is no longer as secure as it used to be. Millions of workers are not making ends meet and they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Many workers are worried about losing their jobs and losing their source of income.

Having multiple sources of income can provide diversification. It can provide financial security in case you lose your job or decrease your work hours due to changes in your employment.

Thomas Corley’s five-year study of the daily habits of the rich and poor showed that most self-made millionaires generated their income from multiple sources:

  • 65% had three streams of income
  • 45% had four streams of income
  • 29% had five or more streams of income

Millions of independent workers are making a living without a traditional job; this broad category of entrepreneurs include freelancers, independent contractors and the self-employed.

According to the 2015 edition of the State of Independence report from MBO Partners (a business services company focusing on the self-employed):

  • 79% of independent workers are happier being self-employed
  • 59% of independent workers also reported that they were healthier than if they held a traditional job.

Almost 18 million Americans are full-time independent workers; combined with 12.4 million part-time independent workers, the regular U.S. independent workforce is over 30 million.

  • One in four (27%) independent workers earn over $75,000 annually.
  • 49% earn $25,000 to $75,000 annually.
  • 24% earn less than $25,000 annually.

By creating at least one or more ways to generate cash flow, you can protect yourself and your family from financial risks that come from relying on only one source of income.

Discover Surprisingly FAST Money Makers Working Online and Offline

Learn 96+ Quick Cash, Recurring Income Ideas and Other Ways You Can Make Money From Home

FROM: Allie Mendoza
RE: FAST Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side

Why is it so hard to find legitimate ways to make money from home?

It’s so frustrating! We all have to watch out for many get-rich-quick schemes and other Internet scams. They can be tempting, but they can waste a lot of your time, money and energy.

Instead of improving your financial situation, they can rob you of your precious resources. 🙁

What can you do to avoid schemes and scams?

You need to focus only on legitimate ways to earn income from home. How can you tell what’s legitimate or not?

  • Legitimate companies have a strong track record of paying their workers. You can get additional proof that you’re working with a legitimate company when you get your first payment from them and if applicable, when you get recurring payments from them. You should only work for companies that can offer you RELIABLE income streams.
  • Legitimate companies are well-known for helping people make money, such as, Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and many others. To make it easy for you, I’ve included in the quick-start guide the most trusted platforms and proven money-makers for millions of people in the United States; many are also available all over the world.
  • Unlike schemes and scams that “offer” to pay you for doing nothing, legitimate companies will only pay you for doing honest work using your skills, opinions, talents or some other assets.
    • In addition, you can get paid, if you sell something.
    • You can also earn passive recurring income by repeatedly renting out stuff you own; for example, you can rent out your car, camera, bike, surfboard, driveway, room, vacation property and many other assets.
  • Legitimate extra income and work-from-home companies are 100% free. So, you can sign-up and get started without spending any money.

You can use this 3-step quick-start guide to find proven money-makers that deserve your attention. Learn how you can get paid and get started immediately.

What Can You Expect to Learn From This Quick-Start Guide?

Here’s a preview of what you can learn from this guide:

Module 1: Turn Your Vehicle and Other Assets Into Passive and Recurring Income

  • Learn how you can turn your vehicle into recurring income — even if you do NOT have your own car. You can also earn passive recurring income if you do not want to drive your vehicle.
  • Learn how to earn passive recurring income by renting out your camera, bike, surfboard, skis, paddle boards, snow boards, boat, trailer, car, driveway, room, vacation property, music instruments, rehearsal room, garden tools, sporting goods and many other assets

Module 2: Turn Your Talent and Creativity Into Passive Residual Income Repeatedly

  • Learn how people are earning recurring “passive” income from self-publishing their books, music, film and other creations.
  • Learn how photographers have earned over $350 million for their photographs and images
  • Learn how arts and crafts creators have sold their creations for over $2.3 billion
  • Learn how music artists and bands have sold their music for over $188 million

Module 3: Turn Unwanted Stuff Into Quick Cash and Recurring Income

  • Learn how to turn other people’s unwanted stuff to cash — find out how people are making up to 6-figures selling unwanted and discarded items
  • Learn how to profit from unwanted items you can get for FREE
  • Learn how to get PAID collecting FREE stuff to sell
  • Learn how to get up to $200-$500 for 10 inches or more of your hair (Yes, you can make money from your hair! Don’t just cut it and throw it away.)
  • Learn how to get paid for your old books, DVDs, video games, cell phones, clothing, gift cards, tablets, laptops, computers and many other merchandise

Module 4: Turn Your Skills and Experience Into Extra Money and Recurring Income

  • Learn how you can turn your skills, opinions and experience into quick cash or even recurring income. You can get paid for translating documents, online tutoring, pet sitting, house sitting, writing, blogging, editing, web design, graphic design, video creation, voice overs, video creation, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and many other skills.
  • Learn how people are earning part-time or full-time income from work-at-home jobs
  • Learn how testers of software and apps have earned over $20 million last year
  • Learn how freelance writers have earned up to $800 for writing ONE article

Module 5: Use E-Commerce Sites to Earn Recurring Profits

  • Learn how to sell thousands of products on Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce sites WITHOUT buying them first (Yes, it’s legal.)

You have zero risk. So, you don’t have to miss out. You can try the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide Risk-FREE with my 60-Day No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Who Can Benefit From the 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side?

Happy Family -- FAST Money Makers: 96+ Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money Online and Offline

  • Anyone looking for additional income streams to pay off debt, create an emergency cash reserve or for any reason
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for seed capital to start their startup
  • Entrepreneurs looking for extra cash to grow their businesses and navigate gaps in cash flow
  • Unemployed individuals as well as under-employed or under-paid employees looking to make money on the side
  • Students and new graduates looking for extra cash to pay for their living expenses or to pay off their student loans
  • Disabled and other ability-challenged individuals looking for simple ways to earn money working at home
  • Caregivers looking for passive recurring income strategies and other flexible work-from-home strategies while caring for family, relatives or friends with health issues
  • Stay-at-home moms or dads looking for extra money and recurring income to help support their families
  • People looking for ways to boost their retirements savings in order to retire earlier or add years to their retirement income
  • Anyone who wants to boost their income for any reason

In 3 Simple Steps, You Can Become Self-Employed and Be Your Own Boss Today

Step 1: Choose the money-maker you want to start and sign-up — it’s 100% free to sign-up!

Step 2: Get started making money. Try multiple strategies for making money to figure out what you enjoy doing and which companies pay you well.

Step 3: Did you enjoy doing some money-making strategies and were you happy with what you earned? Repeat strategies that you liked again and again to earn more.

The Best Part?

You can get started immediately:

  • WITHOUT any experience
  • WITHOUT any money
  • WITHOUT wasting time
  • WITHOUT quitting your day job
  • WITHOUT any boss telling you what to do – work when you want
  • WITHOUT commuting stress – work at home or anywhere you want

You can try the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide Risk-FREE with my 60-Day No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Simply hit the “Add to Cart” button below to get started!

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You Can Increase Your Income and Your Financial Security Without Getting a Second Job

Guy Relaxing -- FAST Money Makers: 96+ Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money Online and Offline

Of course, you can earn more by getting a second job. But, most people really hate the idea. Why? It usually means driving to another job after a long day at work — and committing to working more hours — no matter how exhausted you are.

You can also earn more by asking your boss for a raise. However, most people have trouble doing that.

If you want to increase your income and your financial security, you need to start using skills, talents and other assets you already have to make money on the side. You can generate multiple income streams in your spare time.

Imagine if you could earn extra income working in the comfort of your own home…


Imagine if you could afford living the life that you deserve – and finally stop worrying about money.

The big advantage of doing entrepreneurial ventures on the side is flexibility – you can decide what you want to do and when you want to do them based on how much you want to make.

Do you feel like giving yourself a raise?

No problem! You can use one or more money-making strategies to boost your income whenever you feel like it.

Do you feel like taking a vacation?

No problem! Take some time off whenever you want — for as long as you want.

Creating an extra source of income is not complicated. It’s a simple process which you can start today.

You can boost your income faster than you might think is possible.

60-Day No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right. You can get instant access to “FAST Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side” right now with ZERO risk!

You have 60 days to put the extra income strategies to work.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I’ll give you a FULL refund immediately.

NO hassles… NO arguments… NO questions asked!

So, go ahead and hit the order button below with complete confidence your purchase is 100% covered by my guarantee. Get started now!

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Get “FAST Money Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side” Today — Try It Risk-FREE for 60 Days

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you live.

If you want to finally make extra money and earn multiple income streams from home, this quick-start guide can help you.

This guide is NOT about getting rich quick – it’s about getting paid for what you have to offer. You can get paid for your skills, opinions, talents and other assets.

You can use this guide to make money on the side even if you’re not a techie. You can take advantage of multiple income-generating options online and offline.

You can start small and earn extra cash part-time or in your spare time. Of course, you also have the option of scaling one of the strategies into a full-time income. In addition, you can use whatever you earn to start and grow your own business.

The choice is yours.

You can begin putting the ideas to work immediately — choose what you want to do and get started today.

The income-generating strategies are easy to put into action again and again… for anybody… anywhere.

Stop dreaming about having additional income streams and living the life that you deserve.

Take advantage of the “FAST Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side” today.

To your success,
Allie Mendoza


“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” ~ Wayne Gretzky

Make a difference in your own life and take action now! The best way to find out how you can benefit from this quick-start guide is to get started today.

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I promise you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within 60 days! That’s how confident I am that you can benefit from “FAST Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side.”

You can be signing up for your very first money-maker within minutes… no matter where you are in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, India, the Philippines or anywhere.

That’s the beauty of the Internet — it’s a 24/7 world-wide GOLDMINE of opportunities.  Of course, you don’t have to work online in the comfort of your own home. You can work offline in your local community. You can work whenever you want… wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why did you create the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide?

Answer:  I created this guide to help many aspiring entrepreneurs who do not know how to get started making money.

The guide can also help many entrepreneurs still struggling to make their first dollar online or offline; they need to know that there are legitimate ways of making money available for them right now.

Question:  There are many articles and blog posts that offer money-making strategies online, what’s different about “FAST Money-Makers: The 3-Step Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Self-Employed and Making Money On the Side?”

Answer:  The big difference with the 90-page “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide is that it’s focused only on the most trusted platforms and the most proven money-makers online and offline. These legitimate companies have a strong track record of paying people.

The problem with the articles and blog posts online is that they only provide limited information; they offer lists of ideas and some links, but you still have to do all the work of researching the strategies for making money.

By using the Fast Money Makers quick-start guide, you can have an “easy button” and you can get started making money faster.

All you have to do is choose the money-makers you like (based on the information provided for you about each company and how much you can get paid), click the link to “Get Started Now” and you can sign-up for at least one of 96+ money-makers right away.

My advice to you…

Start with the easiest money-making strategies that you can put into action immediately and focus on the FASTEST path to fast cash.

Question:  What exactly is the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide and how does it work?

Answer:  The quick-start guide offers 96+ ways you can earn passive residual income as well as  extra money and recurring income from home using both online and offline methods.

This allows you to find money-making strategies that can work for you no matter what interests, talents and skills you have to offer.

Question:  I don’t have a lot of time and I’m usually too exhausted after work, are there money-makers that can work for me? 

If you don’t have a lot of time and energy after work, you can focus on passive residual income strategies which allows you to generate recurring income from assets you already have. No, you do not need to own expensive real estate properties to generate passive income. You have various options.

Question:  Can I really start making money even when I don’t have any money?

Answer:  The money-making strategies are 100% free. (NOTE: If you want to hire a team of people to help you or if you want to advertise and scale your profits, you have the option of spending money. However, it’s not required.)

Question:  I’m a busy stay-at-home mom, how can I work from home and still have time for my family responsibilities?

Answer:  Many parents prefer to make a living working from home because it allows them to adjust their work schedule around family activities and needs.

You can work from home whenever you have some time available. During times that you can’t work due to a family vacation or issues, you can just take some time off until you’re ready to work again. You can take some time off for days, weeks or months – it’s all up to you.

Question:  My job keeps me busy, can I really make extra money from home without quitting my full-time job?

Answer:  Yes, working from home whenever you have some time is the simplest way to boost your take home pay.

You can earn extra money part-time or in your spare time. Some people work from home in the evenings during the week and/or week-end.

As soon as you get started, you can get some momentum. As you earn more money, you can take more time off from your day job and increase your time doing money-makers that you enjoy doing.

NOTE: I was also working full-time when I started out in my entrepreneurial journey. By using some of the strategies covered in Fast Money Makers, I was able to increase my work-from-home income; this allowed me to get more and more time off from my day job which allowed me even more time to do the online money-makers that I enjoyed.

Question:  Can I make money from home even if I’m not a techie?

Answer:  Yes, most of the money-making strategies do not require special skills or any experience. You have 96+ ways to generate income online or offline; so, you can find passive recurring income ideas and work-from-home strategies that can fit your situation.

Question:  I’m a full-time student, why should I consider working from home instead of getting an on-campus job?

Answer:  With an on-campus job, you have to show up for work based on a schedule created for you by your manager. You are expected to work your scheduled shifts even if you need more time to study for exams or when you have upcoming deadlines for class projects.

Working from home part-time or in your spare time is ideal for students that need a school-friendly schedule. It’s up to you to adjust your work schedule to keep up with your studies as well as have enough time to prepare for your exams and complete you class projects.

Working from home is a great way for students to make some money as well as get work experience and develop valuable skills for their career.

Question:  I’m retired. Will I be able to make money from home and still have time to travel and enjoy my retirement?

Answer:  Working at home is a great way for retirees to supplement their income and live the lifestyle they have planned for their retirement years.

If you’re travelling a lot or living overseas, you can work online from home (every time you need extra funds for any reason) if you have a computer with high-speed Internet access.

You can also create passive residual income streams that will not require a lot of your time and attention.

Question:  I am disabled, will my ability challenges keep me from working from home?

No, not at all.

Answer:  The quick-start guide offers 96+ legit ways you can make money by using online and offline methods. So, you should be able to find money-making strategies that can work for you no matter what interests, talents and skills you have to offer as well as ability challenges you’re dealing with.

By working from home, you can avoid many problems that most people with disabilities usually deal with — these issues keep them from getting hired for traditional jobs.

Misperception is a big problem as well as discrimination based on this faulty perception. Although it’s illegal, discrimination can still play a factor in disabled job seekers not getting hired.

Many prospective employers have the mistaken belief that they would be taking on a higher risk by hiring someone who is disabled. They have the mistaken view that disabled workers are more likely to take time off due to illness and are less likely to hold down the job.

Working-from-home jobs or self-employment can offer more work opportunities for people dealing with disabilities and other ability challenges. You can usually get “hired” on the spot when you sign-up.

Question:  I just started my own business, how will I benefit from making money working from home?

Answer:  The harsh reality is that most entrepreneurs have gaps in their cash flow the first few years of their new business.

You can give your business a better chance of becoming successful by having alternative sources of money when you need it. The “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide can offer you 96+ legitimate ways to get quick cash, extra income or recurring income when you need to get through a cash crunch.

Running out of money is one of the top reasons for failing to build a profitable business. It’s hard to build your business when you’re barely making ends meet due to frequent cash-flow problems.

Lack of funds for your business can mean the difference between going broke and going big.

Question:  How long will it take before I can start making money?

Answer:  You can get lots of useful ideas that you can immediately put to use to make quick cash and extra money.

When you can actually get paid will depend on the money-making strategies that you’re going to use. Make sure that you read the payment or “Getting Paid” information provided for you in the quick-start guide; so, you know what to expect.

Some companies will pay you within 24-48 hours after completing the transaction. Other companies will pay you after 2-4 weeks or longer.

Question:  Will the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide help me get rich quickly?

Answer:  No! It will not help you get rich quickly. It’s totally unrealistic to think that you can get rich quickly by using any guide or digital product.

You should not get the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide – it’s definitely NOT for you! It’s only for people who want legitimate ways to earn passive recurring income and make money working from home.

Question:  How long will it take for me to get the e-book?

Answer:  After you purchase it, you’ll get instant access to the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide. You can download it to your computer and start using it right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail; so, you don’t have to wait for a long fulfillment process to get your digital product. In addition, doing it this way allows me to offer it to you at a reduced price, which saves you money!

Question:  Is my credit card and personal information safe?

Answer:  Absolutely! When you click the “Add to Cart” button you’ll be taken to the 100% secure payment form for e-Junkie (the platform I’m using). Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise.

Question:  Can I use PayPal to Checkout?

Answer:  Yes. You can securely purchase “Fast Money Makers” using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Question:  Will I be billed more than once?

Answer:  No. “Fast Money Makers” is a one-time secure payment to PayPal or from your debit or credit card. You’ll be the owner of the digital product forever.

Question:  What if it doesn’t work for me, is there a money-back guarantee?

Answer:  Yes, you get a full 60 days to put Fast Money Makers quick-start guide to the test and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know, and I’ll give you a prompt refund. No questions. No hassles.

You have zero risk. The only way you can lose is by missing out on this.

Question:  How do I get started right now?

Answer:  To get INSTANT access to the “Fast Money Makers” quick-start guide, just click the “Add to Cart” button below…

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