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This site is dedicated to helping you and other entrepreneurs learn to earn online. You can use quick-start marketing strategies to fast-track your business growth. My belief is that if you can learn how to generate quick profits, you can dramatically increase your chances of long-term success.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t you be less likely to give up and quit… if you can generate quick profits that can finance and grow your business long-term?

Why Is the Failure Rate So High For Entrepreneurs Online — and How Can You Avoid It?

There’s a dirty little secret that online business owners don’t like to talk about: over 90% of internet entrepreneurs make less than $100 a month.

Information overload is a big contributing factor for failure. In addition, this ridiculously high failure rate of internet entrepreneurs is a symptom of even bigger problems online.

* Too many products teaching ineffective marketing strategies are being promoted. Some strategies are get-rich-quick schemes that have absolutely no chance of ever working. Many strategies may sound good in theory, but they can waste a lot of your time, money and energy when you put them into practice.

* Almost all marketing experts and gurus focus on teaching long-term strategies. Why? These ideas are well-intentioned. Although some newbies think that “gurus are only after their money,” there’s really no credible evidence that gurus are targeting new marketers trying to cause them harm.

Most likely, these experts and gurus became successful because of the long-term strategies that they’re teaching. However, these ideas ignore the obvious fact that most entrepreneurs can not afford to wait months or years to get their businesses up and running… as well as making money.

Most new entrepreneurs fail within 4 months. Most entrepreneurs lose hope or run out of money before they start seeing results from long-term strategies.

Learn to Earn Online: How to Generate Quick Profits and Long-Term Income

Of course, it’s extremely important to think of your business as a long-term venture. It’s absolutely necessary to build an audience for your blog and/or website; so, you can get free traffic long-term from search engines and social media sites.

It’s absolutely necessary to build your email list of subscribers; so, you can generate long-term recurring income using free email traffic. Yes, it’s true! The money is in the list.

However, it’s also important to learn how to generate quick profits. So, you need to learn and earn. Instead of just creating content and hoping it can generate some traffic someday, learn by doing strategies that can help your business generate quick profits as well as long term income.


Manage Your Expectations About Quick Profits and Long-Term Residual Income

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Manage Your Expectations About Quick Profits and Long-Term Residual Income

Don’t waste your time, money and energy on get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, get REAL business, marketing and money-making education. This can help you focus on the most essential entrepreneurial activities that deserve your attention.

It is possible to earn “passive” or residual income on autopilot, but it takes a lot of hard work. It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s not all puppy dogs and roses. If you’re willing to take action on essential strategies to build your business, you can generate quick profits as well as long-term recurring income.

* Quick profits usually require quick-start marketing strategies that can generate targeted traffic on demand. You can get targeted traffic to your offers (products and services) within hours. However, you may need days, weeks or months to tweak and optimize your campaigns to maximize your profits.

If you don’t have your own products and services, you can earn commissions as an affiliate; you can sell products and services of other companies.

It’s hard to achieve, but you can have evergreen quick-profit campaigns that can generate long-term recurring income for many months or even years.

* Residual income is “passive” or recurring income that you continue to earn long after you’ve completed the work. In contrast, linear income is directly related to the number of hours you work; for example, most employees get paid linear income from their jobs.

Residual income comes from building an asset; so, it takes a lot of hard work. After you invest a lot of time optimizing your sales process, your income-generating asset can generate “set-and-forget” or “passive” income on autopilot.

You can generate long-term residual income by creating and marketing ebooks, software, courses, membership sites, apps as well as other products online. You can generate long-term recurring income by selling useful products and services to your list of email subscribers.

A blog and/or website can also be an asset generating recurring income from advertising month after month. However, it takes a lot of traffic to generate a lot of income from blog and site advertising. Despite its popularity, it can be a painfully slow and an ineffective way to make money online. Instead, you can generate income by selling products and services to your site visitors. (You can make even more money by promoting offers to your email list.)

You can use content and search-engine optimization strategies to generate traffic to your offers. But, it’s really important to be realistic about these long-term marketing strategies — it can take months or years before you can get any results from them.

It’s a better idea to use quick-start marketing strategies to generate targeted traffic on demand quickly in addition to long-term traffic-generation strategies.

Blogs and Websites Are Business Marketing Essentials


Blogs and Websites Are Business Marketing Essentials

Getting a blog or website is absolutely necessary for building an internet business.

The most common goal for internet entrepreneurs is to create multiple streams of income online. In order to achieve that, it’s essential that you have your own blog and/or website for gеnеrаting trаffіс, subscribers, leads and sales for your business.

4 Ways Your Blog and Website Can Benefit Your Business

  1. If you don’t have a blog and/or website, most people will be afraid to buy from you or work with you. Why? Trust is a huge issue online. There are lots of legitimate opportunities, products and services online. Unfortunately, there are also lots of scams.
    • Your blog/site can help you build a good reputation or brand online.
    • It can show prospects that you and your business are real — not some scam that will disappear after taking their money. So, your blog/site can help increase your prospect’s trust and boost your sales.
  2. You can get free advertising and marketing by using your blog/site. You can promote уоur products аnd ѕеrvісеѕ on your site by creating detailed articles about their features and benefits.
  3. Your blog/site can get free traffic from Google as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites.
  4. Your blog/site can be a great tool for boosting leads and sales as well as providing customer service 24/7.
    • It can make it easier for prospects to ask questions about your products аnd ѕеrvісеѕ.
    • It can make it easier for your prospects to make a purchasing decision.


2 Ways Free Blogging Sites Can Hurt Your Business

There are free blogging options available, such as, Blogger.com and WordPress.com.

  1. The disadvantage of using free blogging sites is that your domain name will be added as an extra extension to their site. Instead of using YourDomainName.com, your site will be: YourDomainName.blogger.com or YourDomainName.wordpress.com. It’s hard to convey a professional image for your business when your domain name is just an extra extension to a free blogging site.
  2. If your site becomes popular and successful, anyone can register YourDomainName.com because you haven’t claimed it. This actually happened to me years ago when I was just starting out. Those terrible people not only registered my domain, they also copied my content. True story! They were even too lazy to create their own content; so, they just cut and pasted mine on their site. 🙁

For business branding, it’s important to get your own domain name. You site will look more professional and trustworthy to your prospects. More trust can translate to more sales and profits. By registering your own domain name, no one else can claim it if it becomes popular, profitable and successful.


WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform for Entrepreneurs

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Top 3 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform for Entrepreneurs

For most entrepreneurs, a WordPress-powered site is the cheapest and fastest way to launch their website and blog.

A WordPress-powered site differs from one using the free blogging site WordPress.com. Instead of your domain name being added as an extra extension to the WordPress.com site, i.e., YourDomainName.wordpress.com, you can use YourDomainName.com for your site.

More importantly, a WordPress-powered site uses the free WordPress software as a blogging platform and content management system.

  1. WordPress runs more than 66 million sites worldwide, including eBay, UPS, Forbes, CNN, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Mashable and many other top sites!
  2. WordPress offers over 33,000 plugins that help bloggers and site owners perform tasks easily or automatically — most plugins are offered for free.
  3. WordPress offers more that 2,677 free themes. There are also thousands of WordPress themes for sale. If you want a different design for your blog, you can install a new theme with one-click and change the way your blog looks in a matter of minutes.


GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Services: 99.9% Uptime and Excellent Service

I have used GoDaddy hosting and domain services for over 10 years. Of course, there are many good hosting providers out there and I’ve also used them in the past.

Disclosure: I have been an affiliate for multiple hosting providers I have used in the past. At this time, I use GoDaddy exclusively for all my domain registration and hosting needs; so, I continue to participate in their affiliate program. If you decide to purchase through my affiliate links, I will earn a commission. Thank you! I appreciate your support.

I prefer to use GoDaddy for all my blogs and sites because they’re very reliable. I use their Managed WordPress Hosting which offers more security and hacking protection (see details below).

I like having the option of calling the GoDaddy Customer Support 24/7 and solving any blog or site issues I’m having — while I’m on the phone with them. As a busy entrepreneur, I always prefer the easy way to accomplish any task.

Although chat and email support are also available, phone support is more convenient because it allows you to have your questions answered as well as problems solved quickly and easily.

GoDaddy is well-known for their 99.9% uptime and excellent service. You will get 24/7 Customer Support for FREE.

$1/mo WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy!

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting: One-Click Installation, Increased Security and Hacking Protection

If you want to start a WordPress blog and website, the easiest way is by doing a one-click installation using GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. You just click and *BOOM* — you have a WordPress blog and website! 🙂

Of course, you’ll get 99.9% uptime and excellent service from GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. You will also get FREE 24/7 Customer Support.

Check out this Special Offer for $1 per month Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy. You can get a FREE domain with an annual plan.

The main advantage of getting Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy is that you can get more security and hacking protection for your blog and site:

  • FREE daily bасkuрѕ аre done fоr уоur blоg and website. Having backups allows you to restore your blog/site with one click at any time.
  • WordPress cоrе software аnd security updates аrе done for уоu аutоmаtісаllу. As soon as a new WordPress software is released, your site will get the most up-to-date version.

Aссоrdіng tо Google, оnе оf the most соmmоn wауѕ fоr a hасkеr to аttасk уоur blоg ѕіtе is thrоugh outdated and insecure software оn your ѕіtе. Hacked blogs and sites are dе-іndеxеd (removed) frоm Gооglе’ѕ search results to protect their users.

Mоѕt blogs аnd sites are vulnеrаblе tо hасkіng bесаuѕе ѕесurіtу-rеlаtеd uрdаtеѕ аrе nоt dоnе by blоg and ѕіtе оwnеrѕ. Thеу are also nоt dоіng regular bасkuрѕ аnd uрdаtеѕ of their blogs. So, they end up getting hacked and lоѕing their Google ranking as well as their traffic, sales and income.

For many years before I transferred all of my blogs and sites to Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy, I was just like other blоg and ѕіtе оwnеrѕ. I was also not doing regular bасkuрѕ аnd uрdаtеѕ of my WordPress blogs. I was foolish for doing that — and I paid dearly for my mistake. One of my blogs ended up getting hacked! The hackers installed mаlwаrе on my blog and it could not be removed; so, I had no other choice, but to delete my blog. 🙁

Dоn’t rіѕk іt bу nоt increasing уоur ѕесurіtу аnd hacking рrоtесtіоn.

By getting Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy, you can have peace of mind that you have increased blоg site ѕесurіtу аnd hасkіng рrоtесtіоn. The GoDaddy team will do DAILY bасkuрѕ of your blog site as well as perform software аnd security updates AUTOMATICALLY.

Managed WordPress Hosting is usually as low as $4.99 per month. ACT NOW and you may be able to take advantage of this Limited-Time Offer:

Special Offer for $1 per month Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy. You can get a FREE domain with an annual plan.

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey: You Can Change Your Life, Your Community and the World

Entrepreneurs are amazingly creative dreamers. They see something missing and needs to exists. So, they make it happen. They create products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m proud to be a part of the community of entrepreneurs. I’m grateful for the privilege of creating content and products that can help your entrepreneurial journey to success. I will do my very best to be worthy of your trust.

It is heroic to dare greatly and embark on your entrepreneurial journey. A successful business can change your life and change your family’s life. The jobs you create can change your community. Your products and your business can even change the world.

Life is short. Start your journey now.

Let the beauty and joy of what you love, be what you do. Put your ideas into motion. Create a business and work that you love. Do it now!

Whatever you can do or dream you can… begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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