Simple Ways to Make a Difference In the Lives of Others

You can make a difference in the lives of others and become part of the solution to community problems.

Community problems are hard to ignore: Increasing violence in schools… rampant drug and alcohol abuse… hate crimes… homelessness… gang violence… obesity epidemic… and so on… and so on.

How can you make a difference in your community?

No matter how busy you are, you can still be a part of the solution to community problems. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still help make a difference.

Make A Difference By Participating In Online Activism and Volunteering Opportunities

You can find online activism and virtual volunteering opportunities as well as one-time or ongoing volunteering opportunities in your area:

** Good Deeds With Maximum Impact and Minimum Time — Use your talent and skills to help schools and other non-profits raise funds. You can participate in their good work and help make a lot of good community programs happen.

** Take Action and Sign a Petition — Browse thousands of online petitions and take action.

** Virtual Volunteering – If you’re very busy and you still want to make a difference, you might have time for remote volunteering opportunities. You can do volunteer work “virtually” from anywhere using your computer.

** Volunteer Match – Find volunteer work in your area quickly and easily.


Simple Ways to Make a Difference In the Lives of Others
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Make a Difference By Raising Funds for Your Favorite Causes For Free

If you don’t have time to volunteer or if you don’t have extra money to donate, you can still help your favorite causes raise funds:

** Click to Donate — Free clicks generate donations to your favorite causes.

** Good Search — Pick a cause you care about, such as, The American Cancer Society as well as local high schools and animal shelters; you can also add your favorite cause.  At no cost to you, when you search the Internet with Good Search (a Yahoo!-powered search engine) a penny will be donated to your selected cause for nearly all your searches.

** Good Search App —  This app will add GoodSearch as your default search engine on your browser. You can earn donations for your favorite cause when you search using Good Search, a Yahoo!-powered search engine.

** Good Shop —  At no cost to you, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to your favorite cause when you shop at one of more than 2,800 participating stores (from Amazon to Zazzle).  You can also save money while doing good:  Goodshop lists more than 100,000 coupons and deals.

** Good Shop To Go — Download and install this browser add on; so, you can get coupon alerts for great discounts. In addition, your favorite cause will get a donation of up to 20% of what you spend.

** Good Dining —  At no cost to you, a percentage of what you spend will go to your favorite cause when you dine at one of 10,000 participating restaurants around the country.

** Good Surveys —  At no cost to you, about $1 will be donated to your favorite cause when you complete a survey.

** Good Games —  At no cost to you, a penny will be donated to your favorite cause when you play any combination of fun games three times.

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