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Direct-Response Digital Marketing Strategies for Impatient Marketers: Simple Ways to Boost Your Sales and Profits FAST

By using simple direct-response digital marketing hacks, you can boost your sales and profits quickly…

Your marketing strategies can make or break your business… especially if you’re running a one-person business. They can also determine how quickly or slowly you succeed.

Whether your business is going to succeed or fail — whether your success comes quickly or slowly — depends a lot on the marketing strategies that you’re using.

The 40-40-20 Rule for Direct-Response Marketing Success

By using direct-response digital marketing strategies, you have the power to generate customers whenever you want and overcome the biggest roadblock to getting more sales and profits. It doesn’t matter if you have an UNKNOWN brand… it doesn’t matter if you have a new business with ZERO customers… it doesn’t matter if you have a new blog or site with ZERO traffic, you can still generate leads, customers, sales and profits.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and marketers, you’re probably bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information about business marketing. It can be hard to figure out which marketing strategies will help your business the most.

It’s extremely important to take into consideration your time limitations and budget challenges when you choose marketing techniques that can boost your sales and profits. You need to focus on the most essential marketing strategies that can maximize your results while minimizing your cost, time, and effort.

It’s probably tempting to use many marketing strategies that your competitors are using, but that can actually hurt your business.

When you have too much to do… when you feel too overwhelmed, you won’t be able to do your marketing consistently.

Consistency is critical for any marketing strategy to be effective…

You need to apply the 80/20 Rule to your business marketing… especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur with limited time, money and resources. This is the best way to focus on the top 20% of strategies that can give you up to 80% of your desired results.

Did you know?

It only takes ONE customer-generating marketing campaign to get game-changing sales and profits for your business.

Once you have even just a single marketing campaign bringing you more customers day after day… your business and your life can change dramatically.

But, it’s important to keep this in mind…

You need to be realistic and manage your expectations about your marketing results.

You’re probably not going to have a profitable campaign on your first try. You may have to try multiple times.

Whether you’re a new or an advanced marketer, most of your marketing campaigns will NOT be profitable. Some will break even (total revenue will equal total costs). Others will lose money. Few will become profitable.

It’s not really about you; so, don’t take it personally.

It’s just how marketing works. Something about the specific offer, landing page, marketing strategy or the combination of the offer, landing page and marketing strategy will not work… and you will not get any sales or conversions.

To be practical about it, expect that less than 20% of products and services will generate 80% of your sales and profits using the right marketing strategy. (The 80/20 Rule applies to marketing also.)

The worst thing you can do is quit because “marketing doesn’t work” or some other equally flawed thinking.

Take the time to learn the right way to promote the right offers and you will eventually figure out what works for you. All seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs online had to go through this process.

You can think about it this way…

Creating profitable marketing campaigns is like drilling for oil. You will hit some dry wells before you find a massively profitable oil gusher.

So, just keep learning. Keep moving forward.

Let your tracking system tell you which marketing strategies are working for you.

Just follow the money…

Repeat and keep scaling those campaigns that are generating profits for you.

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