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Increase Sales In a Saturated Market? How to Divide and Conquer Competitive Markets

When you’re competing for traffic and sales in a saturated market, you can divide and conquer a sub-group of that competitive market. Segmenting and targeting your traffic can dramatically increase your conversions while decreasing your cost.

By focusing your marketing on sub-groups of crowded markets, you can increase sales and profits.


Targeted Traffic = Potential Customers

Converted Targeted Traffic = Money In the Bank

Divide and Conquer Competitive Markets: Segment Your Traffic to Boost Your Sales and Profits

When you’re competing for traffic in a saturated market, you can divide and conquer a sub-group of that crowded market. You can cut your cost as well as boost your sales and profits even  in extremely competitive markets.

Some verticals, niches and markets are extremely competitive. Since millions of entrepreneurs are competing for the same traffic, marketing cost can be very high for some products and services.

For example, check out the cost-per-click (CPC) for Adwords (now Google Ads) PPC advertising for the following keywords:

  • San Antonio car wreck attorney: $670.44 CPC
  • Structure settlements: $539.82 CPC
  • Austin TX auto insurance: $388.58 CPC
  • Help with alcohol: $273.33 CPC
  • MBA online classes: $274.47 CPC
  • Drug rehab NYC: $286.63 CPC
  • Flood restoration Chicago: $346.49 CPC

This is crazy!

These shockingly high CPCs would keep small business owners with limited marketing budgets from getting any traffic. If you have to compete for traffic in these verticals, you have to be very creative to lower your marketing cost.

Your Choice of Traffic Source Can Significantly Affect Your Marketing Cost

For example, you can still get low-cost CPC for many keywords:

  • Bing Ads CPC can be as low as 30-99 cents
  • Google Ads Search Network CPC can be as low as $1-$3
  • Google Display Network CPC can be as low as 10-20 cents — it’s even cheaper for mobile traffic.
  • Facebook PPC advertising CPC can be as low as $1-$3
  • Facebook video advertising can be as low as 3-6 cents per view.

Of course, you have to be creative with your marketing and segment your traffic to lower your cost…

You Can Lower Your Marketing Cost By Segmenting Traffic and Micro-Targeting Sub-Groups of Competitive Markets

When you’re competing for traffic in a competitive market, you can divide and conquer a sub-group of that market.

You can be a big fish in a small pond…

By segmenting your traffic and micro-targeting sub-groups of competitive markets, you can differentiate your business and stand out. You can lower your cost as well as increase your sales and profits.

To see how you can target sub-groups of competitive markets for weight loss, online dating and making money online, read on…

The Weight Loss Market Is Very Competitive and You Can Target Its Sub-Groups to Cut Your Marketing Cost

Marketing cost is high for business owners competing for traffic, sales and conversions in this huge market. Why? Most entrepreneurs put a single marketing campaign targeting the weight loss traffic.

Many entrepreneurs use long-tail keywords to decrease their marketing cost, but they still may not be very profitable. The problem is that they don’t create multiple differentiated campaigns.

This is a big mistake!

Different kinds of people are trying to lose weight and they have many different reasons for doing it.

By creating multiple campaigns targeting sub-groups of available traffic, you can address the needs of people with different desires, frustrations, fears and issues.

For the weight loss market, you can have multiple campaigns about the following sub-groups:

  • Weight loss for new moms, weight loss for teens, weight loss for brides to be, weight loss for single women, weight loss for single men, weight loss for busy professionals, weight loss for mature men, weight loss for mature women, weight loss for 40+, weight loss for 50+, weight loss for diabetics, weight loss for reunion, etc.
  • Losing abdominal fat, losing belly fat, losing body fat, losing visceral fat, losing back fat, losing face fat, losing baby weight, losing pregnancy weight, losing muffin top, losing love handles, losing man boobs, etc.
  • Boosting metabolism, eating healthy, living longer, decreasing high cholesterol, decreasing high blood pressure, end erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • Lose fat and build muscle, lose fat and get 6-pack abs, lose cellulite, lose 10 pounds, lose 50 pounds, lose over 100 pounds, etc.
  • Nutritional supplements, weight loss supplements, Garcinia, green coffee, etc.

You Can Cut Your Marketing Cost By Targeting Sub-Groups of Competitive Markets for Online Dating and Making Money Online

Online Dating — Different kinds of people are interested in online dating and they have many different reasons for doing it:

  • Dating for single parents, divorced dating, matrimonial dating, etc.
  • Gay dating, lesbian dating, transgender dating, bisexual dating, etc.
  • Dating with herpes, STD dating, etc.
  • Mature dating, dating for 30+, dating for 40+, dating for 50+, senior singles, mature Asians, etc.
  • Christian singles, Catholic singles, Jewish singles, Muslim dating, etc.
  • Asian singles, Latin singles, Hispanic singles, Black singles, Russian dating, inter-racial dating, international dating, Indian dating, etc.
  • Adult dating, hook-ups, casual dating, extramarital dating, etc.

Making Money Online — Different kinds of people are interested in making money online and they have many different reasons for doing it.

  • Internet entrepreneurs, work at home moms and dads, affiliate marketers, multi-level marketers, business opportunity seekers, etc.
  • Extra income for retired seniors, military wives, single moms and dads, college students, etc.
  • Unemployed new graduates and veterans, laid off workers, just got fired, etc.

You Need a Marketing Angle (Hook) to Get the Attention of Your Micro-Targeted Prospects

A hook is a marketing angle that will grab your prospect’s attention and increase engagement.

You can promote the same product or service, but your advertising as well as your landing page or sales page needs to be customized to be relevant to the specific sub-group targeted. Focus on what matters to them. They have different desires, frustrations, fears and issues. “Speak their language” and use keywords that relate to them.

The headline and sales copy will require small changes to be more relevant to your target audience. You need to have an attention-grabbing and engaging hook for your advertising headline as well as sales copy. These small changes can lead to big profits.

By micro-targeting a sub-set of your market with different needs, your advertising will be more relevant for your prospects and your cost will be much lower. You can explode your traffic and boost your conversions.